In the beginning…

A group of dedicated Lehigh Valley residents, serving on the Advisory Council of the Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth Services, founded The Fund to Benefit Children & Youth in 1991. They had observed that traditional government sources were unable to meet the basic needs of many Lehigh and Northampton County children because they had insufficient funding or were hampered by government guidelines.

Any professional working with children can
apply to The Fund for assistance.

In the past seven years, The Fund to Benefit Children & Youth has helped 9,228 children throughout the Lehigh Valley:

  • 2,737 children received beds and cribs
  • 1,805 children received school uniforms, coats, sneakers, and other clothing
  • 1,442 families received car seats, safety gates, vacuum cleaners, and more
  • 200 children received health and hygiene assistance
  • 1,004 children received educational enrichment, after-school classes, summer school, and specialized summer camp opportunities
  • 2,100 children received holiday gifts through Operation Santa Claus, a designated gift fund


Annual Reports
Annual Report for 2019[save as PDF format]
Annual Report for 2018[save as PDF format]
Annual Report for 2017[save as PDF format]


Request #: VYH-818
Amount Requested: $200
Appeal: The teen, age 15, recently transitioned home after two years away. He has been accepted into an HVAC training program, but needs required tools that will cost approximately $400. He lives with his single mother, who works full-time, but needs a little assistance. The referrer requests half of the total cost. The family has no other resources.
Status: Approved