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These three instruments are expected to sell for five figures each. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Grapes Under Pressure charity. News of . He took a few classical guitar lessons from a friend when he was young, but he mostly sat by his record player trying to learn the solos from his favorite guitarists. He also has another early 90s PRS in Tobacco Sunburst that has a signature pickup in the bridge positionfrom his old Signature Aurora days. It may not display this or other websites correctly. There were several main differences between a standard Fender Stratocaster and the Hentor Sportscaster. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Once Neil Peart replaced Rutsey as the bands drummer in 1974, the trio stuck together and changed the musical world for the next four decades! See the full list of notable Alex Lifeson Guitars below. By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. A 1980 custom Hentor Sportscaster that Lifeson loved to solo with, including the solo on the song "Limelight" and has been in the music videos for "Vital," "Countdown," and "Enemy . You can see it rocking on Working Man during this early Rush performance. You could probably do it with a drill and then rout a couple of channels by just lining up a couple of strips of wood to act as a template. I'm not familiar with the original that inspired this build, but I can still tell that this turned out exceptionally nicely! Geddy Lee also has a set of Moog Taurus Bass Pedals on his pedalboard, preset with different sounds. Please let me know if you are still having problems. These two upgrades as well as others are listed in my OPTIONS category. Alex Lifeson: "I purchased this guitar in 1976, it was custom-built in Kalamazoo just for me. Alex Lifeson Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update), Best Acoustic Electric Guitars (All Prices), Songs with Lots of Bass Guitar (Rock and Pop), ranked 98th on Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Guitarists, Alex Lifeson in Vintage Guitar Magazine, September 2011, Steve Hackett Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update), Joe Perry Guitars and Gear List (2023 Update), 70 Easy Electric Guitar Songs for Beginners (2023 with Tabs and Lesson Videos), 40 Easy Love Songs on Guitar (2023 with Video Lessons), 35 Best Rock Bands with Female Singers (with Videos), 70 Most Fun Songs to Play on Guitar (2023 with Videos), 24 Best Female Pop Singers of All Time (2023 Update), Royal Crimson Finish / Viceroy Brown / Black. He has them on many of his Les Pauls, including his signature Axcess Les Paul. That does it for this overview of the Alex Lifeson Guitar collection. A few months ago I figured out, thanks to posts on forums like this, that I pretty much had the basic components needed to build my very own Hentor Sportscaster and have it be fairly period-correct. but there's no way you're getting that solo with a 355. Excellent items are almost entirely free from blemishes and other visual defects and have been played or used with the utmost care. Of course, seeing such an unknown guitar rocking stages all over the world, guitar players everywhere were trying to figure out what the heck a Hentor Sportscaster was! Sincerely, It has been a staple for Lifeson since the A Farewell to Kings tour in 1977. It instantly became his primary player that graced both the stage and the studio for the next few years. In 1976, Lifeson took a tour of the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. At some point I will document it some more in a build thread as I plan to redraw it etc. Alex Lifeson: "I purchased this guitar in 1976, it was custom-built in Kalamazoo just for me. The attention to detail shows, and I can only imagine what a special instrument this must feel like, how much pleasure it must bring just to look at it. Alex Lifeson Signature Guitar - "Great White". Alex Lifeson is set to put up his most legendary guitars for bidding at the Julien's Auctions "Music Icons . Crazy. Please check the fields highlighted in red. A 1980 custom Hentor Sportscaster played by Lifeson on most Rush albums since "Moving Pictures," and was the main guitar used on the recording of the album "Grace Under Pressure." This guitar was favored by . I also had a Lifeson cover story issue (transcriptions of Red Barchetta). Always make certain the base is flat on the surface. I've found someone who's willing to lend me their router and bits, and I'll be spending part of my weekend prepping the body for surgery, taking measurements and drawing stencils and such. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: Let us know if you have any questions or comments below! "Freddy's Frets", a custom guitar shop from the Niagara on the Lake area on Ontario, has received permission direct from Alex Lifeson to create and sell replicas of his "Hentor Sportscaster" customized Fender Strat guitar. Whitey is featured on all albums from A Farewell to Kings to Test for Echo, and can be seen played by Lifeson on stage during all Rush tours from 1977 to 2015 as well as in many of the bands music videos. I'm a huge Rush fan and Alex Lifeson was the reason I picked up a guitar. Keith. Bath As part of Julien's Auctions' "Music Icons" auction, happening on May 20, 21 and 22, "Property From The Archives Of Alex Lifeson" will feature over 60 vintage guitars and other career memorabilia from the personal collection Alex Lifeson, the legendary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame guitarist and co-founder of Rush, One of the greatest rock groups of all time, selling more than 40 million . Wow, what an excellent rundown of Alexs gear and the videos were super entertaining! The Iconic Alex Lifeson Guitar-His Custom-Built "Whitey" Gibson ES-355TD Electric Main Guitar from 1976-2015 Used During his Entire Time with Rush; a "Limelight" Stage Played 1980 Custom-Built Hentor Sportscaster Electric Guitar; "The Trees" and "La Villa Strangiato" Studio Played 1971 Jose Ramirez Classical Acoustic Guitar; a Moving Pictures Tour 1981 Gibson Howard Roberts . A 1981 Gibson Howard Roberts fusion guitar that served as Lifesons main guitar during the Moving Pictures tour. According to, Niagara On The Lake luthier Freddy Gebrsek has received permission from RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson to create and sell replicas of his Hentor Sportscaster, which Alex used extensively during the early 1980s. Before we get much further, let's all acknowledge there is no one definitive "Hentor Sportscaster" since it was just a name Alex Lifeson gave to his variously modified Strats. Lifeson prefers to use the Dunlop Cry Baby Wah to help his solo parts stand out. Here are a few of his favorites to take on tour and use in the studio: Alex Lifeson does a lot of fading to add some dramatic effect to his solo and rhythm parts. That way, his sound engineer can manage the chorus instead of him having to worry about switching the pedal on and off while hes rocking the house on stage. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. With his Carnoa in hand, Alex Lifeson started learning solos from his favorite players. When he saw the Gibson Howards Roberts Fusion, he just had to have it! While in my possession over the last few months I made suggestions to Alex on upgrading the guitar. Learn More. The keys are elongated so Lifeson can press them with his feet while still playing guitar. Another highlight of the auction is a 1980 custom-built Hentor Sportscaster electric guitar, used during the recording of several Rush albums, in particular on 1984's Grace Under Pressure, where it was Lifeson's main recording guitar. He loved the feel and tone of the guitar, and it easily became his primary player for years to come. All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. The Morely made its first appearance in 1975 on the Fly By Night tour and has been a consistent part of his pedalboard ever since. Alex Lifeson uses three of his signature Hughes & Kettner amps on stage. Rush - Spirits of the Radio - Grace Under Pressure 1984 720 [HD] - YouTube, Rush Alex Lifeson Killerwatt Magazine Photo Mini Poster Pin Up | eBay. . It has been my main guitar and is the iconic Alex Lifeson guitar." Another notable guitar hitting the auction block is the 1980 custom-built Hentor Sportscaster electric guitar used on the recording of Rush's albums following Moving Pictures. I'd almost consider the Hentor Sportscaster to be more iconic of a guitar of his than anything else he used, considering how much mileage he got out of it and how many classic songs he was using . While Lee and Peart are critical to the band's success . Currency: His go-to chorus pedal is the Boss CE-1 Chorus. The neck is one of those sturdy Charvel maple numbers that's nice and straight, but I had a high fourth fret that caused a nasty buzz. Rush's Alex Lifeson is collaborating with Julien's Auctions on an upcoming auction titled "Property From The Archives of Alex Lifeson". Also did this for a tele I'm working on as well. Lifeson manages to achieve this sound with his hallowed 'Hentor Sportscaster', a Frankenstein guitar a modified Fender Strat with a Floyd Rose vibrato arm to create his archetypal tone. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. Amps, pedals, guitars, bass, drums, microphones, studio, and recording gear, I love it all. Anyone know the details of that white strat with the black pickguard he used for a while? View Auction Results Well, it sounds like youve got the idea well thought out so it should work out well in the end. It looked like a Fender Stratocaster with a few stark differences. Cool video Alex Lifeson is a great guitar player for sure, here's a link of some of his gear over the years https: . It also had only two knobsone tone and one volumeunlike the three that you usually find on Strats. MERCH STORE : ADDRESS:Justin & Camilla Panariello1536 Rio De Janeiro AveBOX #201Punta Gorda, FL 33983My Wi. Lifeson thought that guitar was so cool because it was shaped like a Gretsch Country Gentleman. He uses this amp to add a little extra to his regular tone. Frankly, Im not even a die hard Rush fan, and before today could not even name the lead guitarist. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Success! Great gift for Rush fans! It doesnt matter how skilled you are, if youre holding a double-neck, you look like a guitar hero! It has been my main guitar and is the iconic Alex Lifeson guitar.. Niagara on the Lake luthier Freddy Gebrsek has received permission from Alex Lifeson to create and sell replicas of his Hentor Sportscaster which Alex used extensively during the early 1980s. By _pete_, November 22, 2009 in Electric Guitars. The Hentor's transition from Alex Lifeson's three Hentor 'prototypes' to a line of commercially-available guitars happened somewhere in between these two worlds. But the cool thing is all the notes on the aged masking tape inside the cabinet, which Im curious to discover more about: The interaction between 2 light choruses was an a-ha moment. Hi Christopher, Both are expected to fetch between $100,000 and $200,000. The Alex Lifeson Guitar-His custom-built "Whitey" Gibson ES-355TD electric main guitar from 1976-2015 (Used during his entire time with Rush) A "Limelight" stage played 1980 custom-built . Btw, to answer your other question, to route an American standard 2 pole or a vintage routed body for a Floyd, you will need to fill the cavities and drill new holes then refinish. Instead, its thinner than standard Les Pauls, giving it that Axcess weight reduction without losing the incredible solid-body sustain. That way, he can easily blend in the piezo or use it for straight acoustic sound. You must log in or register to reply here. You are using an out of date browser. The Les Paul and the ES-335 became his two primary players through the rest of the 1970s and cemented his love for Gibson guitars, hollow-bodies, and Les Pauls. So I have a few builds going on, but with some spare alder, tomorrow I will embark on a Hentor Sportcaster inspired strat. The addition of all the pictures and videos just awesome. There will be a HB in the bridge and I need to make a trace for the 3 way toggle on the horn. Alex Lifeson has always been experimenting with his guitars and equipment. What's something super simple you like to play just because it's fun to play? Part of the auction house's "Music Icons" auction happening on May 20th, 21st and 22nd, "Property From The Archives of Alex Lifeson" will feature over 60 vintage guitars and other career . Surprisingly, Alex Lifeson is mostly self-taught. Guitar Lobby is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. The Hentor now sports Dimarzio single coils and also a large brass sustain block for the Floyd Rose, the biggest one Ive seen and yet there is still a good amount of movement available. Finally, Lifeson would get his own signature Gibson Les Paul! If it gets at an angle, it will get away from you. It was Lifeson's favorite guitar for soloing and can be heard on the solo for "Limelight." the horizontal brace says Feb 25th 1978 Carnaby Road This . All guitars are officially licensed by Fender and RUSH ; Includes Stand ; Not Playable, but extremely collectible! 1 of 2 Go to page. It has been my main guitar and is the iconic Alex Lifeson guitar. Epiphone Alex Lifeson Signature Les Paul Standard Axcess 2021 - Present - Viceroy Brown. ET on May 22. It will be a little bit of a pain in the ass, but its not hard at all. Go. Part of our "Music Icons" auction happening on May 20th, 21st and 22nd, "Property From The Archives of Alex Lifeson . So many people have said Alex used a "Gibson switch" or "Les Paul style switching" that I went out and got a Les Paul switch.

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