##EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2022##
As a result of Tier 1 funding requests reaching an unprecedented level, we are compelled to temporarily cease fulfilling Tier 2 requests until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

The Fund accepts requests for a wide range of needs fulfilling both

Urgent Requests (Tier 1) and Important Requests (Tier 2).

The Fund’s Trustees evaluate Urgent Requests (Tier 1) within two to three weeks of receipt and Important Requests (Tier 2) at the end of each quarter. Trustees will consider Tier 2 Requests on a first-come/first served basis, and fill them as funding permits. Before initiating a Request, all traditional resources must first be explored.

The categories into which a Request must fall:

Tier 1: Urgent RequestsTier 2: Important Requests
Family and Household NeedsBeds, mattresses, cribs, strollers, car seats, and safety gates. Also, dinette tables with 4 chairs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, transportation costs, and some child care. Dressers, couches, adult bedding, additional dining chairs, and other furniture or equipment not identified in Tier 1.
ClothingPants, shirts, sweaters, shoes, coats and underwear.Other requests not identified in Tier 1.
Health NeedsInsect extermination, air conditioners for asthmatic children, nursing or respite care for parents of disabled children. Other requests not identified in Tier 1.
EnrichmentEnrollment fees for arts, sports, academics, school trips, or other enrichment opportunities.Other requests not identified in Tier 1.
EducationPreschool, alternative schools, vocational-technical schools, remedial and summer school classes. Other requests not identified in Tier 1.
Camp / ScholarshipsOvernight camp, day camp, or specialized summer programs.Other requests not identified in Tier 1.

Every week The Fund meets needs like this:

Request #: PB-430
Amount Requested: $190.00
Category: Family Needs
Appeal: The single mother of a 3-month and 2-year-old recently graduated from high school. But then she became homeless, gave birth, and was diagnosed with bone cancer. She’s been able to get her own apartment, but can’t afford furniture or car seats for her young children. The family receives food stamps.
Status: The Fund approved $605 for a toddler bed, crib, dresser, and car seat.