In the beginning…

A group of dedicated Lehigh Valley residents, serving on the Advisory Council of the Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth Services, founded The Fund to Benefit Children & Youth in 1991. They had observed that traditional government sources were unable to meet the basic needs of many Lehigh and Northampton County children because they had insufficient funding or were hampered by government guidelines.

Any professional working with children can
apply to The Fund for assistance.

In the past eight years, The Fund to Benefit Children & Youth has helped 10,277 children throughout the Lehigh Valley:

  • 3,121 children received beds and cribs
  • 1,561 families secured utility payments, car seats, safety gates, vacuum cleaners, and bedding
  • 1,930 kids received school uniforms, winter coats, sneakers, and other clothes
  • 225 kids met their health and hygiene needs
  • 1,040 kids attended educational classes, after-school and camp activities
  • 2,400 kids received additional help through Operation Santa Claus

…by fulfilling requests totaling $1,181,805!


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Request #: 2020-10-LC#03222
Amount Requested: $1,000
Request Category: Household Needs / Health Needs
Appeal: The two-parent family has three children, ages 8, 9, and 11, whom they are home-schooling because of Covid-19, and an 18-year-old girl attending community college. One of the boys has serious asthma.

It is hard for the mother to keep her boys focused on virtual school; care for her mother who has multiple health needs, including cancer; do the laundry; and avoid the roaches.

The family’s clothes dryer broke and has been partially fixed, but they need help completing the repair. Additionally, roaches have infested their home, a problem that began when a neighboring property underwent remodeling. The family had to dismantle all of its smoke detectors because the roaches would set them off.

The father is retired, and income is under $15,000 from Social Security and disability for one child.

They cannot afford to pay for either the dryer repair or the extermination costs. Other community resources have been explored.

Status: The Fund approved $1,000 for the dryer repair, as well as extermination costs.