Prior to initiating a Request to The Fund, all traditional resources must first be explored. Each Request will be evaluated upon its merits by The Fund’s Trustees who have mandated that Requests fall within one of the following six categories:

FAMILY NEEDS: May include beds, mattresses, cribs, strollers, car seats, and safety gates. Also, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, transportation costs, and some child care.

CLOTHING: Supplements wardrobes for children and teens, including school uniforms, shoes, and coats.

HEALTH CARE: Supports health-related items not covered by health insurance or government programs. Requests can include insect extermination fees, air conditioners for asthmatic children, nursing or respite care for children with severe medical problems.

ENRICHMENT: May cover enrollment fees for arts classes, sports, academics, school trips, or other enrichment opportunities.

EDUCATION: May include enrollment in preschool programs, alternative schools, vocational-technical schools, remedial classes, and summer schools.

CAMP SCHOLARSHIP: May cover enrollment for overnight camping, day camp, or specialized summer programs.

OPERATION SANTA CLAUS: In addition, we fund Operation Santa Claus through designated funds. This fund provides gifts and other goods to children and families over the holidays.


Request #: PB-705
Amount Requested: $190.00
Appeal: The 6-year-old, who lives with his mother, two siblings, and grandfather, needs a bed. His grandfather has been the primary breadwinner, but he recently suffered a stroke and is unable to work. Social Security has not yet approved his application. Although the boy’s mother recently began a full-time job, her income is not sufficient to pay all of the family’s expenses. Other possible resources cannot provide a bed.
Status: Approved